Don Bosco Students Dance for the Archbishop and Prime Minister

This video was taken in June 2011 at the opening of the Don Bosco Secondary School in Saleologa, Savaii. Polynesian Xplorer founder, Vaimasenu’u Zita Martel was invited to celebrate this achievement with the students of Don Bosco’s school in Apia, all of which participated in the Savaii celebration, and many of which have been crew in Zita’s winning Fautasi, the Segavao.

The following videos, taken by a visitor, provide an authentic perspective and insider guide to Samoa in 2010. They were filmed in the week leading up to Independence Day and the first three provide a “behind the scenes” view of preparations for the bi-annual Fautasi race.

Apia’s Colourful Waterfront

This video was taken a few days before the races held on Independence Day, 2010 and shows two fautasi in the harbour and the crew of the Segavao heading out for practice.

Early Morning Fautasi Practice

Skipper Vaimasenu’u Zita Sefo Martel explains the scope of the Fautasi race.

Bringing Her Home

Skipper Vaimasenu’u Zita Sefo Martel and the crew (students from Don Bosco technical School) make an impressive return to Apia harbour after an evening training session.

Don Bosco Dance Practice

The students of Don Bosco technical Centre have won fame not just by winning most of the Fautasi races but also because they are much sought after as dancers. This video was taken in the school gymnasium a week before the Independence Day celebrations

Samoa Honours Vaimasenu’u with Her Malu- Part 1

On the National Day for Samoa at the Shanghai Exposition in China, the founder of Polynesian Xplorer received her malu – a sacred tatau. For more information about the significance of this event, please go to this link. This video shows portions of the tattoing process that lasted four hours.

Samoa Honours Vaimasenu’u with Her Malu- Part 2

This video was taken shortly after the malu was complete and shows Zita receiving the traditional blessing and then dancing a Siva of gratitude.

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