Rediscovering Sunday

More and more of our visitors sigh when they leave, saying it was so good to experience life the way it’s supposed to be. We understand that each individual would interpret that sentiment differently according to their interests and values. But we like to think that it’s a common refrain simply because Samoans have got their priorities right. There’s a time and place for everything and we must never lose a sense of balance. That’s why Sunday has been kept as a very special day in Samoa when we stop rushing about our daily business, get dressed up in our finest pulatasis and lava lavas  and walk to church with our families and give thanks for the fact that we do live in Paradise. And after we’ve confessed our sins, taken a sermon from an eloquent pastor, and sung our hearts out; we feast and relax. It’s called Fa’a Easy and it works. So why don’t you try us for yourselves and better still encourage your clients to be our guests too. By now you should know that they will be well looked after.

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