Samoa Saturates The Senses

Samoa’s natural landscape was designed to stimulate every human sense and propel the observer to a higher level of awareness that some call the sixth sense – without that sense (that ability to see the invisible) we Polynesians could never have traversed the vast expanses of ocean that separated our island homes.

Virgin Cove, Upolu, Samoa

Visually the eyes are almost blinded by the vibrant blues of the sky and ocean, the deep and varied shades of green of the forests, the blinding white of the sandy beaches, the audacious reds and yellows of the flowers and tropical birds and the ever changing pinks and oranges of the last sunset on earth in any given day.   It’s no wonder that we Samoans delight in wearing bright colours given the attention grabbing competition from the natural world.


To experience Samoa is to hear and listen differently – to become aware of the ever present roar of the planet’s largest ocean as it breaks on the edge of the lagoon, the tinkling trickle of a fresh water river as it dances over rocks to the sea, the screech of the segavao parrot as it chuckles cheekily in the forest or the whoosh of the wings of flying foxes as they gather to feed at dusk.

Another Samoan Sunset

The sensuous aromas of coconut oil or frangipani cream as they moisturize a sun bronzed skin will always remind you of the South Seas as will the wild lilies that grace the curbside and flower year long and act as subtle counterpoints to the smell of pork crackling over an open fire.

Lily Pond

There’s a reason why most Samoan don’t wear shoes until into their teens – they have trained their feet to feel the textures of sand or forest humus long before they need to protect them from boiling asphalt. To experience Samoa is to learn that one’s skin delights in texture – the lava rocks filled with limpid tidal pools teeming with life; the husky roughness of coconut; the smooth but sharp edges of its fronds.

And another waterfall!

But to really experience Samoa is to taste its fruit, pick and peel a fresh mango, or suck on a sweet n sour sasalapa; crack open a coconut and let its sweet juices quench a thirst while moistening dried lips and skin; imbibe a chilled and crisp Pinot Gris while feasting on a lobster that was swimming nearby just moment before.

Great Cuisine

Are you tempted yet? There’s more, but you need to come to find out and Polynesian Xplorer is the team with a mission to make you feel fully alive.

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