Why Samoa?

Samoa, Upolu, Namua, South Pacific,

Namua Island, Samoa

It’s hard to come up with a glib answer to the important question – Why Samoa?  Samoa does not have a world’s tallest or biggest or oldest attraction. It’s a remote set of tropical islands in the midst of a vast Pacific Ocean. Samoa’s scenery, beaches, and wildlife are truly beautiful but could be replicated elsewhere. Several of the activities could be experienced on other Pacific islands. So why make the trip?

Simply because there is no other place like it,  no other place so utterly itself and at peace with itself. Samoa is not for tourists who want to “do” places but for travellers who want to slip into another culture and be changed by it. You will come away refreshed and transformed by the charm of  its people and their unique way of life known as “Fa’a Samoa”.

Samoa is for human beings not human doings. It’s a place where you come face to face with what’s important in life – community, caring, sharing, humour, kindness, authenticity, harmony. You’ll definitely slow down in Samoa. You’re also likely sleep and eat better than you’ve done in a while and laugh till your sides burst. Most importantly, slowly but surely, you’ll feel fully alive – all your senses saturated and all your faculties (mental, emotional and spiritual) simultaneously stimulated and soothed.

Tavalea Nilon, Former Miss Samoa and winner of the PATA "Face of the Future Award"

Samoa Select was designed to showcase the range of accommodation properties. To give you an idea of what makes them special, let us tell you a little story.

At the Los Angeles Times Travel Show held in March 2011, a travel agent, standing in front of four others asked the founder of Polynesian Xplorer, Vaimasenu’u Zita Martel “what can you tell me about Samoa that would make me want to holiday there?” Zita replied,  “We don’t have Sheratons, Marriotts, Hiltons or Club meds. We have no brand named hotels in Samoa at all.  All our hotels are locally owned and operated“. Almost before Zita could finish, the agent jumped in with “I’m sold!” and her companions nodded their heads in agreement – providing evidence of the growing search for authenticity and a rejection of the same, brand  blandness that has robbed so many destinations of their uniqueness and vitality.

We know the quality and range of accommodation is a very important consideration  and have developed this web site to showcase some of the best on the island. To help you persuade your clients that Samoa has to be experienced soon, here are ten good reasons for putting it top of their list… Don’t hesitate to follow the links as we intend to load up as much information (articles, pictures, videos) as we can to whet their appetites.

Experience Fa’A Samoa – the way life’s supposed to be

Fa'a samoa, family, samoan

Family Life Is All Important to Samoans

Samoa’s location in the heart of the Pacific has protected our culture and surrounded by such beauty, Samoans have perfected the art of being. Our GDP may be lower than many countries but we score highly on any happiness index. Robert Louis Stevenson, the great story teller, called his fellow Samoans “the happy people.”  Delve deeper

Keep Exploring -Polynesian Style

To Be A Polynesian

It is the Polynesian culture that has shaped the image most people have of the South Pacific and it doesn’t disappoint.  After all, we’ve been evolving it for over 3000 years when our ancestors set off towards the rising sun and against the winds to explore what lay to the east of our ancestral home (somewhere near Taiwan and the Philippines). To be Polynesian means to be closely attuned to all nature, but especially the sea, to live lightly on the land; to be thankful for every breath we inspire and then to express that in dance and music; to do things together as a community and, most of all to care for one another. Delve deeper.

Samoa Saturates Every Sense

Cross Island Road

We know there are still some stunningly beautiful and unspoiled parts of this amazing planet of ours, but what we offer our guests is the chance to experience an enormous diversity of beauty in a compact space. Samoa’s natural landscape was designed to stimulate every human sense and propel the observer to a higher level of awareness that some call the sixth sense – without that sense (that ability to see the invisible) we Polynesians could never have traversed the vast expanses of ocean that separated our island homes.  Delve deeper.

More than Enough Ways to Chill ..

fale, samoa, beach, chill

Chilling in a Samoan Fale

Someone once said, that if relaxing were an Olympic sport, Samoans would be gold medallists. Hardly surprising when you consider the beauty and sensory richness of the place. Where better to re-learn the art of being as opposed to doing? The beauty of Samoa is that it takes very little effort or money to become incredibly rich – in the things that count, that is.  Find out more here!

…Or To Be Active

Rugby is a National Obsession

But for some, being active is an addiction; so for those who do like the faster life, Samoa does not disappoint. The opportunity to be as active as you can manage – sailing, wind surfing, snorkelling, diving, swimming with turtles, kayaking, hiking, biking, riding through quiet back roads with the wind in your hair; joining villagers on a bus to market; watching one of the world’s best teams play Rugby 7s in the national stadium or members of two theological colleges slug it out in a more genteel fashion on a cricket pitch a stone’s throw from the ocean. For more on activities, click here!

A Taste Sensation

Samoan Cookbook Voted Best in World in 2010

Given that all our senses are so naturally stimulated in this paradise, it comes as no surprise that Samoans love their food. The author of a Lonely Planet Guide erroneously dares remark that skinny Samoans are as rare as hawksbill turtles. That simply isn’t true – there’s a growing recognition that less is more and keeping healthy and fit are worthy goals in life. But there’s no escaping the fact that we not only love our food but really savour the act of preparing and eating it together, because community meals and feasts are the stuff of our life. For more information about how to feast  in Samoa, check here!

Our Sportin’ Life

Fautasi Racing Shouldn't Be Missed

Now just in case you think that all Samoans do is relax in our fales, watch the ocean, while eating, drinking and laughing, we had better draw your attention to another aspect of our complex personality. Samoans are fiercely competitive and very loyal supporters of the teams they admire. The two top sports about which normally laid back Samoans get positively obsessed are Rugby and Fautasi. This is really interesting – why not look a little deeper?

Gift Giving Made Easy

The Generous Coconut

Take home handmade gifts each of which tells a story about a village or its maker – be it frangipani infused lotions, soothing products made with the acclaimed therapeutic coconut oil, hand made fans and baskets, woven mats, tapa cloth, genuine kavabowls, or piece of art or jewellery – is a great way to evoke memories of your visit. Your family and friends will love you if you bring home some of these treasures. Look here!

Rediscovering Sunday – the way things used to be!

Children in Church

More and more of our visitors sigh when they leave, saying it was so good to experience life the way it’s supposed to be. We understand that each individual would interpret that sentiment differently according to their interests and values. But we like to think that it’s a common refrain simply because Samoans have got their priorities right. There’s a time and place for everything and we must never lose a sense of balance. Explore Further

Incredible Value
It may take a while to get to Samoa but having made the journey, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy incredible value for money. Samoa can produce the most amazing of memories for a person travelling on less than $50 a day to someone preferring four star luxury. Let’s face it, spending an afternoon discovering abundance in a tidal pool costs nothing. Click here to find out how little this holiday will cost you!


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  1. Very Proud Of “Our Aiga Folau” Representing Our Samoan Islands! Lovings To All Of You!

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