About Polynesian Xplorer

Dear Trade Partner

We’re pleased to bring you our selection of Samoa’s finest accommodation properties and to represent them at ITB 2011.

We pride ourselves on being the best destination management company in Samoa and we would be delighted to host your clients in Samoa whether they come for a well deserved vacation, to participate in a sporting event, get married, be rewarded with an incentive journey,  or simply wish to discover this beautiful part of the South Pacific.

François and I co-owners of Polynesian Xplorer Ltd. have been providing a global network of clients with professional inbound tour operations and destination management services for over 16 years and now work with over 200 partners (wholesalers, event planners, associations and NGOs) around the world.

Our destination focus is the Samoan archipelago – the islands that comprise the independent nation of Samoa and the US territory of American Samoa, and our goal is to have our guests become equally passionate about their people and the natural beauty of our islands.

As the word Samoa means “sacred centre” we take enormous pride in our role as destination specialists and stewards of our unique Polynesian culture and islands on which we live. We’re passionate about conserving and re-vitalising both the culture and natural environment of this special part of the world.

Your business is very important to us and much appreciated. I hope we might meet again in person in Berlin or at a place of your choosing.

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