A Taste Sensation

Given that all our senses are so naturally stimulated in this paradise, it comes as no surprise that Samoans love their food. The author of a Lonely Planet Guide erroneously dares remark that skinny Samoans are as rare as hawksbill turtles. That simply isn’t true – there’s a growing recognition that less is more and keeping healthy and fit are worthy goals in life. But there’s no escaping the fact that we not only love our food but the act of preparing and eating it together because community meals and feast are the stuff of our life.  The Slow Food Movement may have originated in Italy but it has been thriving here in Samoa since the day we Polynesians arrived.

The hallmark of Samoan cuisine is freshness – fruit of all kinds grows year round all around us; the fish swim in the sea in the morning and grace our plates at night; staples like taro yams provide enough energy to last a day and as we cook in banana leaves or natural healthy coconut oil (that also makes a great marinade for fish, by the way, we avoid the cholesterol.

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