Samoa to Welcome the World’s top Judo Athletes Again!

Clearly, the team at Polynesian Xplorer love their sport. In addition to being proud supporters of the awe inspiring Manu Samoa, we like to compete ourselves in various endeavours that bring honour to Samoa. In our last post, we celebrated Zita Martel’s win at archery and today our topic is Judo. Our other managing director, Francois Martel,  is President of the Samoan Judo Association.

October 28th marks a special day in the global calendar. For the first time, the world can celebrate World Judo Day –  the date chosen because it is the birthday of Judo’s founder Master Jigoro Kano who created Judo in 1882.

For the third year in a row, Samoa will host the Judo World Cup in Apia between November 11th and 12th, 2011.  As this is the final opportunity for athletes to qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics, delegate count is high and anticipation rising! Athletes from over 50 countries are expected to compete and the team at Polynesian Xplorer are working hard to ensure it will be the best World Cup ever!

In order to encourage athletes to share their experiences in Samoa with friends, we have also created a Facebook page for the event and we encourage you to visit and, if so inclined, LIKE us too! We’ve uploaded lots of pictures there in addition to this photo summary of the acclaimed 2010 event below.

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