Samoa braces for Rugby World Cup

Our best tourism ambassadors are our men in blue. Their prowess on the fields afar as professional overseas players, in the USA, Japan, France, New Zealand, Australia and England, sets Samoan players apart. You can easily distinguish them on the field, either becuase of their amazing agility and side-steping, their flash speed, their chiropractor style tackling and their unmistakable Samoan traditional tatoos on arms and legs.
Polynesian Xplorer got in the spirit of the Manu and lined up outside our office to farewell them, as they paraded through the streets of Apia on their way to Faleolo Airport to depart for NZ. There was lots to look forward to, and while the ladies tried to catch a glimpse of  Kahn Fotuali’i, Mika our operations manager brought out the Samoan flag and ran alongside the floats to show our support! Fiona stayed up late making the signs and she and Joe competed with the Leifiifi Students on the other side of the road for the attention of the boys in blue!
We farewelled them to NZ, where they come together to make the nation proud and make another attempt at the World Cup. Imagine travel to Samoa and join the rugby craze traditions and play on the island!  At Polynesian Xplorer we can ensure a fantastic rugby tour – the right level of play, camaraderie, exchange – just ask the Melbourne Boys High School Rugby team who traveled and rocked three rugby games in Samoa while dipping into Samoan culture last May.


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