Samoan Archers head for NC 2011

Cast our minds back to the South Pacific Games of 2007, where the Samoa Archery Federation competed with 7 archers, and with just these 7 won a total of 9 medals. The Samoan Observer reported that “it became the talk of the archery world” for Samoa, it’s newest member to Archery, topping the Oceania region beating Tahiti, Fiji, PNG and other longstanding members of the sport.
Our very own Managing Director, Zita Martel was a part of this famous team, winning a silver medal and two bronze medals in this tournament. Here she is receiving her silver medal alongside our Hon. Prime Minister who also received a silver medal.
We farewell Zita again in a weeks time, as journeys across the Pacific alongside a team of 11 Samoan Archers, to represent Samoa at the South Pacific Games in New Caledonia. The archery tournament kicks off 6-9 Sept. Check out the schedule online, and if you parler français then you can read more on the official site, or if you don’t, you can always like the games on facebook!

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