Saying farewell to Anna!

We were so very fortunate to have tourism icon, Anna Pollock, with us for three months at Polynesian Xplorer. Our time with her on our island home was all too short, and we farewelled Anna last week, in true Polynesian Xplorer Samoan style, with loads and loads of yummy local food provided by our team – a suckling pig from Fa’atupu’s piggery cooked in the traditional umu at Zita’s place by the 3M’s (Mika, Malaki, Mulifusi), taro from Malaki and Mika’s plantations, delicious Samoan free range chicken from our ‘meet n greet ladies’, Britta and Asalele, tasty fresh fish curry made by Nanise’s hubby, Sia, Fiona and Talise’s local delectable delights, plentiful wine by the Martels, and of course loads of belly ache laughs at the home of Zita and Francois at Tulaele.

Anna Pollock, Polynesian Xplorer, Samoa,

It was no easy task keeping the celebration a surprise – Anna being so keenly organised – she had already arranged her own goodbye gift for us, turning up to the office in the middle of the day with chocolate cake, and wondering where everybody was. Zita used her skills of persuasion and whisked  Anna away for a last day of adventuring on the south coast. Once they were out the door, the team also exited the office, rustled up the food, made ourselves fabulous and got ready to suprise Anna.

Zita Martel, Nanise Tolovae, Anna Pollock, Polynesian Xplorer, Samoa

Nanise, Zita, Anna

Meanwhile, the sun has gone down and Anna is bewildered that Zita is still driving around on the south coast, showing her tombs of her ancestors in the dusk, while waiting for the phone call from the Team!

They arrived back home to a dark and empty house – we hit the lights and gave Anna a really good surprise! It was a real joy planning Anna’s farewell simply because we love this wonderful petite English lady who fitted right into our Team at Polynesian Xplorer, has become part of our Samoan family, and who opened our eyes to so many possibilities and opportunities.

We already miss Anna Pollock’s amazing perception and infectious personality, and we all look forward to welcoming her back to Samoa one day soon.

Response from Anna

One of the advantages of being a Digital Advisor (having problems with being called an “icon” though!) is that I get to add to the blog too! You overwhelmed me with your lovely surprise last week and surprised me by blogging about this last night!  

Thank you for making my stay in Samoa one of the happiest times of my life!. I came as a visitor and left as family! And this is how I see many of your clients experiencing the warmth and intelligent hospitality of the Polynesian Xplorer team – genuinely cared for and inspired about Samoa. 

For more pictures of the day and the team, see the slideshow!

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