Popular Travel Site Provides 20 Reasons to Visit Samoa

Thank you Matador U for sending such a promising young photographer to Samoa!

If you need images to help spur you to include Samoa on YOUR bucket list, check out these 20 reasons to visit Samoa.

The photographer is Abhimanyu Sabnis (Manyu for short). According to his profile on his web site Shutter Feet, Manyu is an Indian expat living in Boston, who works at a day job as a researcher trying to improve treatment for cancer patients via nanotechnology. As exciting as he finds this work to be, he maintains his sanity and creativity by looking at the world through the lens.

As he only started on this side career a year ago, with results like these, we think you’ll agree that Manyu is off to a promising start!

You can see more of his work on his blog where he shares posts written about his experiences in Samoa while on assignment.

With images like Manyu’s, you could argue that Samoa’s beauty is its main feature. So we’ve been building our own photographic library which you are welcome to browse here at Flickr.  Here’s an interesting sunset over Savaii taken in front of the new Museum of Fine Arts.

Stormy Sunset Over Savaii

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