Sunset View Fales – Manono Island

View of Jetty and Fales, Sunset View Fales, Manono

If you want to experience Fa’a Samoa in its purest, original form, then taking the 20 minute boat ride to Manono Island and a stay at Sunset View is a must. Manono Island is a small island between the two main islands in Samoa where there are no cars, no roads, and no dogs – instead four small villages with a population of under 1000 people whose way of life has changed little for thousands of years. Here you can experience the unique, sustainable Polynesian culture.

Sunset View Fales is a small personal, family-friendly resort in a lush, pristine tropical environment and comprises 9 Fales nestled among verdant vegetation and facing the ocean and island of Upolu.

Five Fales offer accommodation for a max of two persons

Four Fales (on the hill) offer a double and single bed.

Large Fale, Sunset View, Manono

Rates are inclusive of launch transfers, meals and activities.

View of Bay from Large Fale, Sunset View

Despite its relative isolation, there’s plenty to do to not do on this peaceful island – many visitors have come with the intent to stay a few nights and stayed weeks! At Sunset View you can experience the richness of Samoan culture, or simply relax, go snorkeling and enjoy the beautiful island. Here’s a selection of activities your clients are sure to enjoy:


  • Enjoy food prepared in the traditional Samoan way and cooked in the umu (included in your stay)
  • Try out the traditional outrigger canoe
  • Learn about weaving traditional bags, mats and fine mats
  • Have a go at starting a fire in the traditional way
  • Soak in Samoan singing at choir practice on Saturday evening
  • Experience Samoan Sunday church
  • Play volleyball with the locals
  • Ask your hosts Leota  and Sau all you want to know about Samoan culture


  • Take a trip out to the reef for superb snorkeling (included in your stay)
  • Trawling outside the reef for fishing can be arranged
  • Trips to Nu’ulopa can be arranged. On this small island there is a colony of bats known as the flying fox that can be seen
  • Guided walking trips to the many sites of interest on the island can be arranged
  • Enjoy good snorkeling right at the resort
  • Take a stroll on the garden path round the island (2 hours)
  • Explore and find out about the lush tropical plants
  • Relax and feed the multitude of fish from the jetty

Walking Around Manono

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