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Talofa! This is Zita!

I’m only now recovering from three weeks on the road attending ITB in Berlin, The PATA Exchange in Mayfair, the UNITE Exchange on the Thames at the Mermaid Conference Centre in London and then the LA Times show in Pasadena. What an amazing, instructive and encouraging trip.

A Splash of Polynesian Colour -Zita with Colleagues from Tahiti at the ITB

This last weekend was my first weekend back in the warmth, of being immersed again in nature, seeing the bursts of brilliant tropical colours against the lush green landscapes of this archipelago of isles I am proud to call home.

My trip to Europe to ITB, PATA, Unite Pacific and Los Angeles has been a wonderful and full three weeks of meetings, exchange of ideas and listening to what the trade is saying about  the need for more experiences, of slow enjoyment, of connecting with people and a savouring of destinations.

And I have returned to Samoa with an appreciation and affirmation of what we had hoped for in the past: that a destination, a place, a country  no longer needs to offer luxurious five star resorts and all the trappings of modern lifestyle in a tropical faraway setting to be successful.  Travel and holidays abroad are now more and more about a destination’s people, her culture, her legends and folklore, her beliefs. To share, appreciate, experience and connect with the real people of a place, and ensuring that your clients you send to us feel safe and protected just as they would feel at home in familiar surroundings, is the core of hospitality. And Samoa has always lived such a tradition for thousands of years up to today.

Samoa doesn’t have 5 star resorts.  Samoa doesn’t have a Sheraton, a Marriott, a Hilton, a Hyatt or a Sofitel.  Samoa doesn’t have any big brand names!  Samoa hosts every year between twenty-five and thirty thousand tourists a year.  Samoa can offer you hotels that are mostly locally owned and operated with oodles of Samoan laughter, warm hospitality and a deep respect for elders.  In that sense they are all boutique and certainly, genuinely unique. With these kinds of low numbers to our islands, I would say that Samoa should be on your wish list or “must do” places for your discerning clientele. I hope we can welcome you and your clients, friends and family in 2011.

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